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9 reasons to love YMP

1. Join a smarter world

Empowering young people to build a smarter, more sustainable, world through new tools and networks.
The Young Masters Programme on Sustainable Development (YMP) is a global web-based education and learning network. It offers a unique learning experience by connecting youth and building understanding and cooperation about sustainability issues. The challenges of building a smarter and more sustainable world are pressing and urgent. The youth of today are the future of tomorrow and therefore need to be informed and educated with tools to tackle the challenges we face globally. YMP does this through a fun, practical on-line course for high school students. The course material is divided into missions. Each mission takes about a week to complete and requires 3-5 hours of work. The whole course normally takes about 20 weeks. Download a course overview.

2. It’s free sustainability education

Free and it always will be, for schools, teachers, and 16-18 year old students around the world.
You don’t have to pay to take part in the YMP because we want everyone to have the chance to build a smarter and more sustainable world. So far, more than 20 000 students from over 110 countries have participated in the YMP and it’s growing!

3. Get a diploma

Students and teachers receive a YMP diploma upon course completion.
This means you have something to show for all your hard work! An accredited diploma issued by the YMP gives legitimacy and thanks for completing the course. Participants will see the diploma develop as they go through the course and will be able to print their personal diploma on completion. To achieve the highest grades, students need to complete a voluntary project work after the on-line course is finished.

4. Focus on solutions

YMP is developed by the IIIEE at Lund University, Sweden - a world-leading institute for sustainability solutions.
The YMP is a course focused on finding solutions to social, economic, and environmental challenges. Students gain tools and learn strategies to help them make necessary changes to tackle pressing sustainability issues in their own country. Close ties and collaboration with Lund University, and the international scientific community, ensure that the course content is reliable and unbiased. Further, the YMP is one of the main initiatives developed under the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Chair on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), which has been held by the IIIEE since 2006. As such, the YMP is an integral part of the UN Decade of ESD (DESD, 2005–2014) led by UNESCO.

5. Meet new people

Interact and collaborate in a global classroom with peer to peer learning, making friends worldwide.
Teachers and students from around the world are brought together in virtual classrooms. In these global classrooms they compare and discuss results of the completed tasks in each mission. They also receive and give feedback in a peer review system. By doing so, both students and teachers gain an understanding of common sustainability challenges and learn about the different local perspectives and solutions to those challenges, which exist around the world.

6. Learn globally – act locally

Mixing global on-line discussions and course materials with local off-line activities and discussions.
Students study missions related to global sustainability issues. Every mission consists of on-line course material to teach the students about sustainable development using the most recent research and knowledge. At the end of each mission, students must complete different off-line activities made up of tasks. So, students get to leave the computer to complete activities related to the mission’s topic in their local community. Every third mission is a “Feedback mission” where the student group must share the results of their assignments with their peers in the global classroom. A student group posts and shares an assignment. Then that student group will receive feedback on the assignment from another group and also it must give feedback to another group on that group’s assignment.

7. Google translate ready

With the Google translate features, the YMP website can easily be translated from English into more than 50 languages!
The working language of the YMP is English and to make it easier, there are also built-in glossaries so that you can learn and keep track of more technical terms.

By using the free Google Chrome web browser and Google translate you can translate the YMP website into over 50 different languages. Just follow the below steps:

Step 1: Download and install the Google Chrome web browser
Step 2: Use the translation toolbar in Google Chrome

Since the Google translations are generated by machines, not all translation will be perfect. It is meant to be used as a support function when reading the text. All assignments and communication in the YMP must be written in English so that everyone in the global classroom can take part of them.

More info about Google translate:

8. Start at any time

Join today and select your global classroom’s preferred starting date.
There is no official intake or start time for the YMP. You simply join up whenever you like and indicate when you would prefer to begin the course. A classroom will start when there are 15-20 student groups available with approximately the same required start date.
You can register by clicking the join button on the homepage and follow the instructions. Teachers can prepare by forming student groups of 3 to 5 members. Students can prepare by inviting a teacher at their school, who can guide them through the course. Teacher guides are extra documents that are available to assist teachers throughout the YMP curriculum. Each mission has a teacher guide with additional tips, information, and links to read more about the mission and its tasks.

9.It’s fun and engaging

An innovative web design that combines the latest e-learning and social network platforms to make sustainability fun!
The YMP is designed to be challenging, with students working through missions and completing tasks, receiving credits along the way. There are ways to earn awards and extra credit once the students start playing. The interactive platform is designed to network and help students to meet other students around the world to hear their stories and perspectives. There’s a message and story board built in so it is easy to communicate once you are in the global classroom.